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Double Chamber Vacuum Machine

    Double Chamber Vacuum Packaging Machine

    Double chamber vacuum packaging machine according to its literal meaning is also very easy to understand, its efficiency is also about twice the single chamber vacuum machine.

    Double Chamber Vacuum Sealer

    The machines are equipped with two chambers. While products are being packed in the first chamber, the second chamber can be unloaded and loaded again.

    Double Vacuum Packing Machine

    Double chambers vacuum packaging machine can complete the set programs of vacuum extraction, gas flushing (optional), sealing, printing, cooling and exhaust automatically.

    Double Vacuum Machines

    Double chamber machines from Hualian are easy to operate, clean and service. Two chambers for increased productivity.

    Double Chamber Vacuum Packing Machine

    They are easy to operate and move within your facility and also suitable for packing fresh meat, processed meat, seafood, agricultural products, pickled foods, vegetarian...

    Double Chamber Vacuum Sealing Machine

    HVC-610S/2B model has a large and durable stainless steel flat chamber bed for vacuum packaging applications requiring a combination of maximum air removal and faster...

    Double Vacuum Chamber Machine

    Our double chamber line of equipment is built to handle years of heavy use and abuse. You will not find an aluminum deck on these machines because they are built to last.

    Double Chamber Vacuum Sealer with Gas

    This machine can be used for vacuum packaging a variety of food, medicine, native products, chemical raw materials, electronic components and military supplies; whether...

    Double Vacuum Machine with Gas

    HVC-720S/2B model is ideal for high-speed packaging applications. This rugged machine is equipped with one heavy duty oil-filled industrial rotary vacuum pump, two wide-seal...

    Big Double Vacuum Chamber Machine

    HVC-820S/2B all surfaces are made of stainless steel. The working surface, can be washed down wet all around. The tilted lid surfaces prevent water pools.

    Rice Vacuum Packing Machine

    The DZK-500/S is a double chamber vacuum packaging machine ideal for high-speed industrial applications.

We are professional double chamber vacuum machine manufacturers and suppliers in China since 1989. If you are going to buy or wholesale hot sale double chamber vacuum machine at competitive price, welcome to get quotation from our factory.