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  • Packaging machine advantages
    Packaging machinery is widely used: in the market: food, chemical, pharmaceutical, light industry are in use (machinery industry is relatively small).
  • Classification of packaging machines
    There are many kinds of packer and many classification methods. From different point of view, there are many kinds of machines,
  • Packaging machine
    Packaging machine is a kind of machine packaged with products, which plays a protective and aesthetic role.
  • Mechanical principle of strapping machine
    The strapping machine can be divided into semi-automatic strapping machine and automatic strapping machine.
  • Main features of strapping machine
    It is compact, convenient and practical. It is an ideal choice for graphic department, many other departments, such as pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food and other packaging products.
  • Main characteristics of strapping machine
    Motor + reducer + cam operation, completely free of fuel, bundling motor immediately stop operation (power saving);
  • Main functions of strapping machine
    Because of the different packaging and different requirements for bundling, the form of bundling is varied.
  • Product introduction of strapping machine
    A strapping machine is a machine that uses strapping bands to tie up packing parts and complete binding operations.
  • Strapping machine
    Strapping machine carton strapping machine, also known as carton packaging machine, is used to produce finished carton products before being shipped to carton users,
  • Application of shrink packaging machine
    Shrinking packaging machine use to shrink the product put together, after the first pass, there will be film on the goods to be packaged,