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    Square Tray Sealer

    HTS-175 is for a variety of products such as fast food box,with automatic thermostat, hand pressure sealing, automatic cut film feature.

    Manual Tray Sealer

    ● Specially designed for food sealing smooth and easy to clean up.
    ● 304 stainless steel body if firm and never rusts.
    ● for a variety of products such as fast...

    Closing Bag Machine

    GK9-2 is a very light weight machine, mainly suitable for sewing grain, sugar, salt bags etc. An economic portable bag closer model for bag closing.

    Manual Bag Closing Machine

    ● Easy to use, just one person can operate;
    ● Hold the pocket with his left hand, right hand holding a sewing machine, tap the switch to slide in the pocket, to...

    Metal Locking Capping Machine

    DK-50D is applied to seal, thread metal burglar-proof caps, zip-top caps, aluminum sealed caps and nozzle caps which is suitable for a variety of metal caps, metal theft proof...

    Plastic Locking Capping Machine

    DK-50Z is suitable for cap screwing production of various plastic burglar-proof caps, which is widely used in plants of beverage, wine, chemistry industry and medicine.

    Home Vacuum Sealer

    The products after packing by DZ-280A series can be prevented from oxidization, mildew, moth, rot and damp, so the freshness can be kept for a longer time under normal temperature.

    Household Vacuum Sealer Machine

    Solve the problem of food spoilage form multiaspect, to prolong the shelf life, fresh and healthy.

    Household Food Vacuum Sealer

    Widely applied to dry/wet/soft/powder/liquid products. Sealing time could be adjusted intelligently .

    Tea Bag Vacuum Sealer

    DZ-280/C table-type vacuum packaging machine is suitable to pack products in upright type bag such as tea, coffee, rice, etc.

    Small Vacuum Food Sealer

    The products after packing can be prevented from oxidation, going mould, insects or getting damp, thus can be kept fresh for long storage.

    Vacuum Machine Sealers

    Bench vacuum packaging machine with front sealing bar, made of stainless steel (AISI 304), equipped with digital panel and electronic volumetric sensor that assures a steady...

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