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Solid Ink Coding Band Sealer

    Coding Continuous Band Sealer


    FRM-810I feeds from left to right and equipped with a hot ink coding imprinter to print a date, expiration date, or lot code.

    Vertical Solid Ink Coding Band Sealer


    Suitable for sealing all types of plastic materials and bags. One of our most popular band sealers with a great value propositions. Can seal 20-26 6" wide...

    Solid Ink Coding Food Band Sealer


    The machine is ideal for sealing small package. It can seal plastic films made from various materials continuously.

    Stainless Steel Solid Ink Coding Band Sealer


    The machine suitable to the closure in horizontal bags. The welding system with belts PTFE allows the closure of bags made of polyethylene, polypropylene,...

    Solid Ink Coding Sealer


    FRBM-810II is a tabletop vertical band sealer. Pre-made bags are sealed standing up, which is ideal for powder, liquid or solid products that would spill if...

    Printing Band Sealer


    INDUSTRIAL GRADE CONTINUOUS BAND SEALERS. FRBM-810III is a continuous band sealer that will seal a wide range of plastic bag materials such as nylon,...

    Stainless Steel Band Sealer


    It provides durable seals for almost any bags. Work for Polyethylene (PE), Polypropylene (PP), Polyvinylchloride (PVC), Polyurenthane, Polyolefin, Pliofilm,...

    Plastic Bag Sealer


    FRM-980II is suitable for kinds of sealing materials. It has some functions such as Adjustable stepless speed, constant temperature controlling and...

    Automatic Plastic Bag Sealing Machine


    ● Combines bag sealing, knurling and date coding operations.
    ● Conveyor speed is variable.
    ● It accommodates both Teflon and steel sealing...

    Aerating Band Sealer


    FRMQ-980III industrial grade band sealers are ideal for sealing thermoplastic materials (PP, PE, laminates) of any size and length.

    Air Suction Sealing Machine


    Our FRMC-980III is a free-standing band sealer designed to seal as well as remove air to reduce volume. FRMC-980III also adopts a solid-ink coding device...

    Continuous Sealer Machine


    FRM-1010I is a heavier duty model compared to our FRB and FR band sealer lines and offers the best sealing quality on the market.

We are professional solid ink coding band sealer manufacturers and suppliers in China since 1989. If you are going to buy or wholesale hot sale solid ink coding band sealer at competitive price, welcome to get quotation from our factory.
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